• Fairness
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Liberty
  • Compassion

The November 2016 Election has led many of us to realize that we must engage in politics in a new and deeper way, as citizen activists vigilant in our defense of America's founding principles of fairness, justice, equality, liberty and compassion.

We recognize that this vigilance requires commitment to consistent, long-term, organized political action. We believe our commitment will be most effective and sustainable when shared by a dedicated group of neighbors and friends who hold common progressive values and objectives. We agree that nonviolence is a core principle of all our endeavors.


We provide monthly meetings and regular opportunities for Kent Street neighbors and friends to come together with one another for the purpose of mutual support, education, motivation and direction as we pursue our roles as citizen activists.


Form smaller working groups organized around particular issues and electoral goals that will strive to make real and significant political impact.


Share our experience with other groups and neighborhoods to help them form active political communities.


Create forums, including digital platforms (websites, social media, etc.), for connecting with others within and outside the coalition for optimal influence and effect.


Mobilize if the government, state or federal, threatens the fundamental civic rights and liberties of threatened and vulnerable groups (the economically disadvantaged, immigrants, Muslims, LBGTQ, etc.).

A Grass Roots Community Organization

We understand that each of us brings varying degrees of time, availability, experience, knowledge and skills and that all are necessary and valuable; it is the shared resoluteness in our hearts that is the critical foundation of our work. This is why we have gathered together to form the Kent Street Coalition.

Kent Street Coalition is committed to peaceful and nonviolent political action and resistance.

Accordingly, we will not tolerate violence or the advocacy of violence in any of the work we undertake.

 About Our Name

  • The Kent Street Coalition began in a living room on Kent Street in Concord, New Hampshire in early December 2016. We were a gathering of friends and neighbors who came together trying to make sense of and respond to the election Donald Trump. We decided that together, we had the power not only to defend and protect our Democracy but also to effect positive, long-term political change.  Overtime, others asked if they could join our efforts. From the original 50 people who crowded into that living room, we now have hundreds of members from across the state.
  • We have kept our name because it speaks to the grassroots origins of our group and the belief that activism can be most powerful when it begins person-to-person, street-to-street, neighborhood-to-neighborhood, city-to-city, state-to-state, and ultimately across the nation.
  • Kent Street Coalition is and has always been an all-volunteer organization. We welcome all those who share our commitment to long-term, sustainable progressive change.