PODCAST - What is Gerrymandering?

Electoral districts ebb and flow. The ever-changing population in different areas across the country creates the challenge of drawing the districts as close to accurately representative as possible. When drawing, the lines can get a little blurry, communities can become divided, and the way the edges of the districts are formed can determine the outcome of an election. At least, this is what legal teams across the country are trying to prove. The process of making the districts is called Gerrymandering. And today, we have an expert on the pod, to help us breakdown the fundamentals of the practice.
Posted by Keryn Anderson, KSC (Jan, 2018)

Speaker Louise Spencer at the Women's March 2018

On the 1st anniversary of the Women's March our very own Louise Spencer  (CoFounder of the KSC) spoke at the Women's March. Posted by: Keryn Anderson - 22nd January 2018

PowerPoint Slideshow

A selection of photos from the Women's March in Concord at the State House.
CLICK THE ABOVE PICTURE TO VIEW A discussion with Commissioner Chris Nicolopoulos, Professor Lucy Hodder, and NH ACA Navigator Program Director Jeremy Smith, for a virtual press conference hosted by Covering New Hampshire and Protect Our Care to highlight the 2021 Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act and how Granite Staters can sign up for health coverage.
Posted by Randy Hayes, KSC (Nov 2020)

Happy Anniversary Kent Street Coalition

December 14, 2017 - The Kent Street Coalition celebrated its 1st Year Anniversary in December. This slideshow highlights our first year of achievements. Thank you to our fantastic members. Posted by Keryn Anderson, KSC (Jan, 2018)